About us

WorkinWith is the result of a collective human adventure that has been going on for over 20 years now

Talented individuals joined forces in 2002 in Switzerland with the mission to help and support customers throughout the implementation of their Microsoft Dynamics ERP & CRM projects.

Since then, our team has been constantly enriched with new talents and additional skills.

Recognized in the market and by Microsoft, our experts offer our clients a complete set of services in installation, configuration, support and enhancement of enterprise software, targeting global and local mid-sized companies with complex management and reporting requirements.

years of collaboration
What links us

Our values


Excellence in service delivery defines our means of achieving excellence in customer satisfaction. Build a reputation and be a recognized partner worldwide.


We are an indivisible and united team that helps each other and collaborates, shares knowledge and grows in competence and expertise together.


We are committed to one goal: to ensure the success of our team and our company and to achieve excellence along the way.

More than a Team, a Spirit

Our world-renowned team has been working together for over 20 years.

We understand your business, we speak your language, and we optimize your processes by bringing all our experience and by accompanying you throughout your digital transformation.

We are committed to providing you with expert advice, from the project phases through to installation, configuration and user training.

Our experts offer comprehensive enterprise software installation, configuration, support and enhancement services, targeting international and local mid-sized companies with complex management and reporting requirements.

Our support team responds quickly to any problems you may encounter and provides a customized solution.

Our goal: To satisfy your needs by putting all our experience and professional expertise at your disposal;
To provide you with quality custom solutions and the highest level of customer service.

Our team of experts is internationally recognized, and our ambition is to become THE recognized partner and THE global reference in the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics solutions worldwide.


Our management team

"Together we are stronger,

and we go further.

Stephane Pasche


Stéphane Pasche, CEO and co-founder of WorkinWith, created this new venture to highlight that « business is first and foremost about people ». He is committed to capitalize on his previous experiences to guide our team and become the Microsoft Dynamics reference in the European market.
He selects innovative projects, which he accompanies by mobilizing the know-how of each of our employees to enable our customers to make tangible progress in their development.

Thanks to his precise knowledge of the business issues of the sectors in which we operate, he can follow and anticipate new technological trends to ensure that our customer partnerships are sustainable. He ensures that our team members remain curious, inspired and valued during our missions.

With over 25 years of experience in the IT industry, specializing in new business creation, founding and implementing growth strategy, Stephane’s professional successes are benchmarks in the Microsoft Dynamics market.

Dedicated and committed with an incredible ability to adapt to customer issues, he has spent a decade working for major software companies adapting their market approach to a region or company.
He is a leader who inspires and excites teams, enabling WorkinWith to grow in the best possible way.

His personal aspirations for WorkinWith:
WorkinWith is the culmination of a strategy developed 20 years ago, the time it took to surround ourselves with the right talent and partners.
We are an interface between the business processes of companies and technology, accompanying our customers in their business process digital transformation while optimizing their costs of using the Cloud. More than a business, it is above all a human adventure and we strive to reach new heights for our customers and offer many intellectual challenges to our talents.

Markus Drengk


Markus Drengk, CEO of WorkinWith Germany, started his professional life as a toolmaker. He then trained as a mechanical engineering technician (construction technology) and received further training in technical business management.

At the end of the 1990s, after successfully completing his own production planning system (PPS), he switched to IT and joined what was then one of the largest software providers in the SME sector.

Through successful customer projects, he moved from the role of project manager to product management and then to the management of the regional branch.
After the turn of the millennium, it was clear to him that in the ERP landscape, only the large integrated players could achieve progressive developments. Markus therefore decided to go for Microsoft Dynamics and to this day he has never regretted this decision!

In the following years, he built teams, managed companies, developed industry-specific solutions and went through all the important software modules. Today, his function places him in the process and industry focus areas of trade, production and the batch process industry.

His personal hobbyhorse is the integration of HR systems.
Since he loves to cook, he particularly enjoys advising food manufacturers and retailers.

His background makes Markus Drengk a combination of an analytical mind and a pragmatic intelligence. Committed and close to his employees, he organizes processes with a master’s touch.

As an expert leader in the German market, he brings out the best in people to develop solutions that are ever closer to the needs of our customers.

Marie-Laure Dufour


As Director of Finance, Marie-Laure Dufour is responsible for all management activities and financial operations of the Group, including financial planning, accounting, budgeting, taxation, internal audits and cash management.

Marie-Laure Dufour holds a Master of Arts in Management specializing in Finance and Accounting and a Bachelor of Arts in Management specializing in Operations Management from the University of Fribourg (Switzerland).

She has over 15 years of experience as a Financial Architect designing and leading numerous Dynamics implementations in different countries.

She has developed a strong expertise in complex financial and analytical frameworks, advising financial teams to achieve major improvements in their internal processes and practices.

Marie Laure benefits from a 360° vision of the WorkinWith Group’s growth. She makes other departments aware of the culture of numbers to help them control, arbitrate and move forward with greater ease in their missions.

At the same time, the life of the company goes through different phases: growth, maturity, expansion, takeovers, restructuring, etc. Marie Laure knows the signs that herald these cycle variations and adapts indicators, models and reports so that they remain relevant and readable at each stage. She capitalizes on flexible and scalable analytical tools, which is why she has developed the entire Finance architecture of the WorkinWith Group with Microsoft solutions of which she is a specialist.

Silvia Grunauer


Silvia Grunauer, the group’s Human Resources Director, is a profiler who likes to understand personalities.
She defines and implements an HR strategy that ensures the success of the growth decided by the General Management of the WorkinWith Group.

To this end, she makes sure to propose a solid organization with profiles recognized in the market that are able to train in excellence and best practices, new talents that complement the skills of the teams.
She knows how to create professional experiences through which our employees feel inspired, motivated, confident and valued within the team and in their career progression.

Passionate about human relations and with twenty years of experience as an expert in the banking and IT sectors, she has actively participated and consulted in the creation of companies, the development of organizations and teams as well as in the implementation of internal processes in different countries in Europe, Latin America, South Asia and the Balkans.

During her professional career, she has held positions as a strategic advisor and has been an integral part of the General Management of international groups.

Thanks to her professional experience, she brings tangible added value to complex organizations, in a cross-functional management reality, analyzing the needs from the strategies defined and decided by the General Management, proposing and implementing HR procedures/projects that ensure the desired success and profitability.

Today, she designs and evaluates career paths in line with the personal aspirations of each member of our team. She is the unifying element of WorkinWith.

Her personal aspirations for WIW:
She would like to build a solid organization with a team recognized at an international level for its Excellence above all, its best practices, reliable and able to accompany WorkinWith’s clients over the long term.

She would like to instill the enthusiasm and values that characterize the entire team in each new talent that joins the group and engage them in collaboration, curiosity and learning to ensure their career progression.
Silvia wants to ensure that the values of Excellence, Integrity and Commitment have real meaning and are shared on a daily basis both within the team and with clients. These values will ensure the success of our team.

She sets up training plans that allow everyone to progress by collaborating hand in hand with the Careers Managers as well as the Senior profiles who create the content with her. Faithful to herself and to the team with which she has collaborated for many years, she aspires to commit all her expertise, passion and intelligence to WorkinWith.

Our Goal

Supporting employees

Our company believes that its employees are its greatest asset and recognizes its responsibility to ensure that they receive appropriate career progression, challenge and development throughout their employment.

This development begins at the time of a new employee’s induction.

Our goal is to support and develop employees in their role through a robust and proven training strategy that helps them grow and feel confident in their responsibilities.

We know that every team member will contribute to the success of our organization.

To that end, we strive to provide a safe and pleasant work environment that fosters collaboration and mutual support.
We offer interesting career paths, ongoing training and personalized coaching to ensure their success, which is ultimately our success.

They tell us about WorkinWith

More than a team, a professional adventure

At WorkinWith, each member of our team naturally finds his or her place and is integrated into our Skills Development Program. Our members support our project in an ethical and benevolent spirit.

Our Human Resources team as well as our Career Managers and Buddies surround our new resources from day one to welcome them, answer their questions and share with them the program of their skills development, training and intervention on the project.

Hand in hand, the relationship is forged over the long term. The resources are committed to their professional life and live the values of the company every day.