Changing a business management system has a fundamental impact on any company

At WorkinWith we advise, train, and assist our clients before, during and after the project.

Our main objective is that the customer gets the most value out of his new Microsoft Dynamics solution in order to improve the efficiency of his processes independently.

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In 2022, at WorkinWith – a typical start-up that started operations in three countries with five offices – we implemented 100% of our IT infrastructure in the Microsoft cloud.

The ERP part of Dynamics 365 was implemented in two months and covers accounting, project management, consolidation and reporting. The CRM part, also implemented in two months, supports the sales and marketing processes; customer support – a central element of an IT service company – is also in place.

We benefited immediately from the native integration of Microsoft cloud services, such as :


Stephane Pasche


"With a clear view of the pipeline, I can plan resource utilization and hiring.

With our sales forecast, we have much better visibility into our cash flow forecast. The quality and efficiency of our customer support is now fully controlled based on contractual SLAs."


Marie-Laure Dufour


"D365 offers the perfect scalability for a fast growing organization like WorkinWith.

We benefit from a first-class integrated ERP from day one while counting on it to cover our future needs."

WorkinWith is an authorized reseller of Microsoft licenses.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is sold as a license subscription service.

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